Endodontics, the practice of root canal therapy, is applied when a tooth’s nerve supply has become irreversibly affected by decay or damage. Here at Prestwicke Dental, we utilize endodontic therapy to prevent or resolve dental infections and save natural teeth from needing to be extracted.
We perform a root canal in Algonquin, Illinois, after we determine that there is enough root and crown structure remaining around the tooth to allow its form and function to be restored. Inside of every tooth is a single or multiple central chambers that contain blood vessels, connective tissue, and the tooth’s nerves.

Endodontic treatment is required when dental pulp has died or become irreversibly damaged. Root canal therapy from our dental experts includes the cleaning and shaping of each canal, followed by the filling of the canal with a specially designed inert material. We then seal the canal to prevent any further infections from developing. Once we finish your root canal therapy, the structure of your tooth will need be fully restored to its optimal condition, usually requiring the tooth to be restored with a filling called a buildup followed by a crown allowing you to return to your normal chewing function.

Why do I need a Root Canal?

Pain is the symptom most commonly associated with needing a root canal but sometimes an x-ray can reveal an infection in the tooth that is currently causing you no pain. If the tooth has an infection that is not treated in can result in massive swelling and pain in the future.  A tooth has a better prognosis if it is treated sooner rather than later because a long term infection can cause damage to the bone surrounding the tooth and necessitate the tooth being extracted..

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